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When David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar or Tiger woods’ enter their Arena, they are greeted by their fans, who generally decorate themselves with paintings on the face, head or shoulders, which can be seen by the whole world in the media.

More ardent fans identify themselves with their Heroes with almost semi or permanent body marks or designs based on their regions culture or Background.

These performers are the Tattoos that have been the most widely exhibited forms of expressions since the beginning of mankind. The working or labor class people followed tattoos, for a long time throughout the Globe, a major form of expression of their emotions, loyalty or identity etc.,
It is not the fans alone, who flaunt tattoos so prominently. For instance, in 2004 Louis Malloy flew from UK, to give David Beckham a new winged Cross Tattoo on the back of his neck - right in the midst of a soccer Game.
Not just sportsmen - Angelina Jolie is probably the most tattooed Academy Award winning Actress to date. She has a Tribal - Dragon tattoo, a Thai Tiger and various Latin sayings across her shoulders.

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When sailors came home from World War II many had tattoos. Usually they were acquired in San Diego. They liked to show them to us teenagers and hide then from adults.

I don't have a tattoo. I was raised in Tattoo Tabooville, Utah. One mustn't deface the Temple of God.

Well, let's face the truth here. Getting a tattoo is not painless and I'm a coward when it comes to pain. I'm not self-conscious about this. My wife says that all men are cowards when it comes to pain. She says this whenever she cuts my hair. (She uses the clip and jerk method.)

I would not be accepted in parts of society because I don't have a tattoo. This is called peer pressure. I wouldn't be accepted anyway because they don't accept bearded old geezers either. Anyway, I understand why teenagers get tattooed.

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For centuries, tattoos symbolized the membership in groups, families, but for a few years, tattoos have become more popular. It is possible that many people have them not only for decorative purpose, so we must understand why more than thirty million people worldwide have submitted this type of self mutilation. The choice of a tattoo today can tell something about the soul of its owner; some believe that a tattoo is the graffiti for the soul...

We'll find many surprising stories about the tattoos significance and role: many sailors believe that a tattoo is a talisman against the possibility of drowning at sea. The American Indian believed tattoos protected them in battle and some Burmese people think even today that a tattoo over the heart can stop bullets.

The tribal tattoos history is a real kaleidoscope; each place of Earth where the tattoos are popular has a particular and many times surprising history, significance, tradition, and realization technique. But almost everywhere, the tattoos appeared a few hundred years ago.

The place where the word tattoo originated, were the tribal tattoo reached perfection for thousands of years is Tahiti. Here the tattoos applications are most painful, but it reached a high level of artistic endeavor. The habitants of Samoa still believe that the elaborate geometrical design of the traditional body suit is the way to show respect for the God-qualities, for others it is the rite of passage to manhood.

The ancient Maori warriors started their tattoos tradition painting their faces with charcoal before each battle. Then they began to make the design permanent, calling it "moko". It was said that a man without "moko" was a "papatea" (plain face) and was considered an outcast.

Celtic tattoos are one of the most attractive design choices. The design comes from ancient art from Ireland, Scotland and England. They are as old as the Celtic history is.
Some fifth century painted pictures are representing warriors having tattoos all over their body; the tattoos are indicating the rank or caste. Later they were also symbols of religious devotion, simply for decoration or appeal for fertility.

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