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There are tons of people on the internet today that are looking for small tattoo designs. These a great little tattoos that can be used to cover up a birthmark, scar, blemish or part of another tattoo. Small tattoo designs are also great for people getting their first tattoo. However if you are getting a small tattoo design done for you then you want to think carefully about the design you want. There are some things to consider before deciding on the exact design you want and especially if the tattoo is small.

The first thing you will want to consider is where you are getting the tattoo. What are the specifics of the size that you want? Sure small works but the tattoo artist designing the tattoo will need to know more specifics then just small. It can be helpful to get out a ruler and actually measure the size of tattoo design that is desired. Another consideration with small tattoos and there actual size is the location of the tattoo. For example a small tattoo design for the whole back will be too big for a foot.

It is also important when considering a small tattoo design to think about the amount of space available. It is important to think about the space of the overall design and the space between the elements of the design also. When things are small they can quickly become too much and overcrowded. A cleaner and simpler look typically works best with small tattoos as it will leave enough space for everything to be seen clearly.

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If there is one question that comes to a person's mind when planning to have a tattoo done, it's how to find the best tattoo design. Many people wonder how some people manage to find designs that are unique, very impressive and look just perfect on the body.

Not long ago, the tattoo artists normally used a catalog of designs from which their clients would choose the best available tattoo. Many artists or tattoo studios still follow the same practice. In cases where the client is not able to make a choice, the artist may recommend the designs. In the catalog, one finds the most common designs, ranging from traditional alphabets to tribal designs. But these days, custom tattoo designs have become a real trend. So, tattoo artists have moved away from using their catalogs and have widened the choices for their clients.

Today, there are many online sources that offer great custom tattoo designs. Some are found in the galleries of popular designers, while some are available on tattoo websites. Choosing a great custom design is not easy, as there are virtually millions of great designs available online as well as at local tattoo shops.

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Becoming a tattoo artist in a tattoo parlor can be a very rewarding career choice. You get to help people express themselves while being creative. Participating in a one to two-year apprenticeship with this will give you the chance to develop your tattooing skills and have a better understanding of what it takes to run a tattoo shop. Without laws to protect both sides, transmissions of diseases such as hepatitis are possible.

Tattoo business owners must be certain to research the regulations that govern tattooing in their locality. You can proceed with opening your own business when you understand the state laws.

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Tattoos have just a long and illustrious history as any mainstream or classical type of art. Although this fact is not frequently considered today, far from appreciation, public perception in mainstream Western society often verges on an unenthusiastic civil acceptance of the tattooed. The nature of this dichotomy is characteristically American. The United States has some of the most stringent penalties in the Western world for marijuana use but also the highest consumption. The FCC guarantees that on American public daytime television you won't be able to see a female nipple but the country's consumption of hardcore pornography is second to none. Drunk driving is a huge safety issue on American highways. Yet, in a move almost designed to promote binging, the age when one is legally allowed to consume alcohol is still 21 (three years after a citizen can join the military). There exist staggering contradictions between perceived, 'acceptable' public opinion and practiced reality.

Tattoo appropriation has become a striking method of display for often deeply personal viewpoints. Yet unlike the easily derisible choice of fashion, body art is not a practical necessity and therefore rightly open to what is at times, severe criticism. When a practice is pushed to the periphery its practitioners necessarily create rifts away from mainstream society through subcultures. Recent years have seen an exponential growth in tattoo adoption. Slowly, tattooing is moving into the light of day. However, there is tattoo art and there are tattoos. The two are vastly different practices with the differentiation often overlooked. Tattoos current reluctant acceptance is the uneducated mass reaction to a practice once relegated to a traditionally infamous subculture (i.e. tattoos and not tattoo art). Broader public approval of tattoo art has been hampered by the inability to differentiate logic from whim. In other words, acceptance of tattooing as a genuine art form has been slowed by the inability to differentiate tattoo art from tattoos.

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