Tattoos 43

I think that the king of tattoos is the full back tattoo. There, I said it, full back tattoos are probably one of the most definite and complete way exhibit your body art. But after you have a few smaller tattoos done on the other parts of your body first.

Some folks go the full Monty so to speak and actually go with the full back tattoo for their very first tattoo. It is a very bold choice but not for everyone! However, I must caution, a tattoo that covers the entire back from neck and shoulders all the way down to the waist can be very attractive. But you should do your homework!

And by homework, I mean you need to choose wisely the pattern and design of your tattoo as well as choosing the artist to draw the tattoo on your back. Cut corners and you are going to be very sorry for the rest of your life because a full back tattoo isn't going to be easy or cheap to take off if you regret it.

So obviously, for a full back tattoo that isn't going to be as easy to hide or ignore as a smaller tattoo can be, it is very important that you are aware of these steps before getting one. And that is, make the time to carefully plan it out. Don't feel rushed because it may curtail your creativity. And definitely talk it over, several times if needed with your tattoo artist to make sure everything is within your specifications and the quality of the work isn't going to be substandard.

Case in point, recently a Belgian teenager girl fell asleep after asking for 3 star tattoos to be done on her face. She ended up with 56 tattoos! She blamed a language mix up and she now reportedly faces a huge bill to remove those tattoos. Now I don't know if this whole story is true because quite frankly, it does stretch incredulity. How can someone fall asleep when having tattoos put on her face? But hey, it is a story and it has a lesson attached to it. Be careful because you may end up with something you don't want!

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